About us

About us

Deltaplast was founded in 1990, with headquarters in Uzice. Since then, this family-owned company has expanded its operations and enriched its product line, following trends, primarily the FMCG industry. For the first 10 years of its existence, the product line consisted of paper stationery, as well as wooden ice cream sticks.

Entering the new millennium, the company’s core business is the production of aluminum lids for a variety of dairy products. With state-of-the-art printing technology and hi tech stamping and bargaining machines, customers are offered attractive solutions and high quality aluminum packaging, manufactured in accordance with HACCAP and ISO standards and with laboratory-controlled materials.

By constantly investing in technology and with years of experience and knowledge of employees, the company is oriented towards innovation and constant improvement and expansion of the production program. Following the trends in the domestic and foreign markets, the company today offers modern packaging solutions also in the form of shrink sleeves and IML labels (in mold labels).

The latest generation printing, thanks to high quality 8 and 9 color printing machines, make attractive labels that add to the visibility, appeal and distinction of finished products.

Our mission and vision

Our mission and vision for development describes what we are and what we want to achieve, the standards by which we measure our decisions and actions. The mission and vision reflect the purpose of our company’s journey towards a unique goal: the absence of boundaries in meeting the demands, needs and expectations of our customers through the continuous improvement of the quality of our production program.

Improvement of knowledge and technology, process development, commitment to customers and consumers, and continuous investment in new and modern equipment are the foundations on which we build confidence and strengthen our position.


Innovation, constant improvement of employees’ competences and preservation of high quality of products, the vision of the company is to continuously improve and expand the production program, ie to develop, produce and market high quality, attractive and functional solutions in the field of packaging.


Our job is to understand and follow the needs of our customers, and to always meet their expectations through a diverse range of quality and products that will make their products always available to their end users.

We strive for:

  • Continuously increasing the satisfaction of our customers and their consumers, listening and responding to their needs,
  • To produce high quality health-safe products that are competitively priced
  • To provide a modern and innovative work environment for all our employees
  • To protect the environment and reduce the consumption of all the natural resources we use
  • To maintain and develop partnerships with customers and suppliers, to develop and further develop with them
  • By developing the awareness, training, competence and knowledge of our employees, we constantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes, thus providing added value and continuous growth of the company
  • To meet all standards in accordance with EU requirements
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