In the IML segment, Deltaplast produces IML for injection molded, tobacco and thermoforming packaging.


In the IML segment, Deltaplast manufactures IML for injectionmolding, blowmolding and thermoforming packaging. IML is undoubtedly one of the most modern and revolutionary technologies in the field of plastic packaging decoration, both for its attractive and modern appearance and for its exceptional quality. This technology is present on cans, cups, buckets, home and technical plastics as well as many other plastic products. Today, the packaging of the food, paint and varnish industries without IML is unimaginable.

The technology itself works by inserting a pre-printed label on PP film into a plastic injection mold using a robot, and electrostatic electricity allows the label to remain attached to the mold. The plastic is then injected into the mold under high temperature and pressure and takes the form of the final product. At the same time, the already inserted label blends with the plastic and becomes an integral part of the final product. As the plastic and the label is of the same PP material, this packaging is subject to complete recycling without any separation of the elements.

Deltaplast uses the latest generation of equipment, both printing presses and refined label cutting machines with robotic arms. The entire production process is fully automated and as such ideal for food packaging.

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The latest generation printing, thanks to high quality 8 and 9 color printing machines, make attractive labels that add to the visibility, appeal and distinction of finished products.